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  1. Google AdWords Offers Ad Creative at Scale for PPC

    Large-scale PPC advertisers have a unique set of challenges. This week, Google AdWords rolled out a new feature to help those advertisers scale text ad creative with "ad customizers. From the announcement:

  2. Responding to Device Changes in Google and Bing

    Tablet-only campaigns weren’t commonly used by PPC advertisers, so that alone isn’t a big deal for most people. I hope you’ve added mobile to your PPC strategy this year. Recently, both Bing and Google announced some changes to mobile advertising...

  3. Bing Ads Reveals Dynamic Sitelinks

    In recent coverage of SEW's sister event ClickZ Live, dynamic sitelinks were discussed in a PPC session, where speaker Diane Pease advised that "advertisers create their own sitelinks to give themselves more control of their message.

  4. Getting Inspired: 5 Ideas to Help Refresh Your Ad Copy

    And let's be honest -- when you're trying to manage PPC campaigns every day, it's tough to tap into that creative mojo when you need to. Writing great PPC copy means keeping your ad copy fresh. Refreshing ad copy is one of those optimization tasks...

  5. Dare to Hack Data With Bing at SES Denver

    Gagnon's keynote for SES Denver takes place on October 16 at 9 a.m.followed by a full day of sessions in the SEO and PPC tracks that ends with "Meet the Experts" roundtables and a cocktail reception. Following on from the success of Atlanta, SES is...

  6. SEO and PPC Need to Stop Being Enemies

    PPC vs. How else have you used PPC and SEO together in order to drive more revenue? Either way, the tension is especially thick between SEO and PPC. Regardless if traffic or conversion rate are your key metrics, your job as a marketer is to make...

  7. Bing Ads Enhances Geo-Targeting for Increased Relevancy

    Bing Ads is releasing enhanced location targeting that will include several new and important updates that help advertisers refine and define their geo-targeting for PPC. Besides increased relevancy, many of the updates also support hyper-local...

  8. The PPC Search Network Campaign Launch Checklist

    Even if you can launch a PPC campaign in your sleep, sometimes, things get overlooked; items slip through the cracks, and months later, you’re scratching your head wondering how a scarf ad landed users on a hat page.

  9. Choosing Your Agency: It’s About the Team

    Content strategy needs to play nicely with SEO, while SEO should play nicely with PPC, display, and email. For me it was kickball. All the kids would get together, line up, and two team captains would take turns picking teammates until there were...

  10. Why We Need Control in PPC

    Google has gradually taken choice away from us: In 2012, we temporarily lost the ability to rotate ads evenly, although that came back after an outcry from the PPC community. The PPC community, predictably, went ballistic.

  11. Close Variant Matching – 3 Important Points to Keep in Mind

    What You Need to Know: If you have a small or fixed monthly PPC budget, you will want to carefully watch your SQR report. And there is no longer going to be an opt-out option as before. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and posts about this over the...

  12. Product Listing Ads – An Evaluation

    Simply put, since Google began charging for the new PPC ad format in May 2012, PLAs have quite literally reshaped the search landscape, in more ways than one. By the end of this month product listing ads (PLAs) will transition to "Google Shopping...

  13. Goodbye, Exact and Phrase Match Keywords. Now What?

    It was like laying down cement foundation around your PPC account that, once it hardens, becomes impossible to change - you just have too many keywords and ad groups built out. Internally, we've found that shaping PPC traffic using the more precise...

  14. Reaching the College Market With PPC

    Connecting with this market via PPC in search and display will become more crucial than ever, as their purchase and browsing behavior becomes more divergent from other consumers with heavy use of mobile and social media.