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  1. Daily SearchCast, June 13, 2006: Google Still A Tech Company, Says Schmdit; Google Earth Gets New Features; GBuy To Take On eBay's PayPay?; eBay Takes On AdSense; Yahoo Answerers In Times Square

    Ask Jeeves bought Direct Hit, making the original group involved with it a good chunk of money. Today's search podcast covers Google CEO Eric Schmidt saying that Google isn't a media company; Google Earth revolves new features; Will Google's rumored

  2. People Search Engine, Zoom Info, Adds New Services and Features

    Here's the company page for Ask Jeeves but no mention of the acquisition by IAC and their new stock ticker. People search on is powered by ZoomInfo. ZoomInfo, the Boston-based, privately-held "people search" company that we've blogged...

  3. Robert Scoble Wants What We Had -- Better Query Refinement. So Do I!

    Ask Jeeves search box, and the service comes back with questions like: But it wasn't natural language search technology that made it happen, as people often mistakenly assume about Ask Jeeves. Ask Jeeves] provides matching web pages, but results...

  4. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 15, 2005: MSN Katrina Flyover, John Battelle's Book 'The Search,' Sneaking Kai-Fu Lee In The Backdoor, Elections For SMA-NA, Google Graduates Its Personal Home Page, Yahoo's

    Ask Jeeves Today's search podcast covers a new before-and-after aerial photo service from MSN, thumbs up for John Battelle's new book, a search marketing group holding its first officer elections, whether MSN's new search API really is "way...