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Power Supply

  1. Google Bringing Wind-Powered Data Center to Oklahoma

    But as a major electricity customer in the state, Google worked with its local utility to secure a new supply of renewable wind energy. Google has unveiled plans to use wind energy to power its new Oklahoma data center.

  2. Search Marketing & the Fine Art of Nexting

    The design is clunky and amateurish, the background graphic looks like something that would fit on a cardboard supply store, and the word “ladies” reminded me of a finishing school. The ladies’ self-defense power words are “realistic, effective...

  3. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Holds Forum and Track at SES New York 2011

    RTB, DSP, ATD, WTF: Finding Quality in a Sea of Solutions" -- Jay Sears will moderate a discussion with demand side platform leaders about the role demand side platforms play in the digital media supply chain.

  4. Goodzer Launch In-Store Product Search Map for New York City Shoppers

    This is unique because other shopping search engines require store owners to supply product feeds in order to be indexed, which can entail weeks of work to build to the correct spec. Zarutskiy had been perfecting the brick and mortar search...

  5. Doing A Google Search Impacts The Environment!

    And their efforts to contribute to environmental issues can be praised, but their endless supply of widgets and services most obviously impacts on energy use and one wonders if they had foreseen this type of publicity arriving eventually.

  6. BlogPulse Releases List of Top Blogs, Blog Posts, and More of 2005

    Allow me to thank you for your constant supply of kind words during the past 12 months. Power Line We've blogged them all. What about the blogosphere itself? Well, the BlogPulse team has release their year-end review.