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Power Purchase Agreement

  1. Branded Videos Shared More Than 500,000 Times Every 24 Hours

    The power of social video lies in the recommendation to view content. Viewers who enjoyed the video they watched demonstrated 139 percent higher brand association, 97 percent higher purchase intent, 35 percent higher brand favorability, and 14...

  2. Daily SearchCast, June 15, 2006: You Got Digg In My Netscape; When NYT Met SEO; Google's New US Government Search; Searching For Products By Color & More!

    You have to play around with Shop by Color to really understand the power. Last night I was notified of a SEC Filing showing Google has entered into an agreement to purchase their headquarters (The GooglePlex) for $319 million.

  3. Mobile Search: Gannett Invests in 4INFO; Acquires XSVoice, Now Offering Streaming Audio on Your Phone or Device

    If I'm not mistaken, UpSnap is leveraging an XSVoice service called the Mobile Broadcast Network (MBN) to power this new feature. A joint press release from mobile search provider 4INFO (a service I blog about and also use very regularly) and media...

  4. Search Engines And Legal Issues

    So the latest changes at Google are more a return to the "arms race" in the past between marketers and search engines, and one you can expect will continue for any search engine that relies on automated gathering to power its search results.