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Postscript 3

  1. Publisher Groups To Test New Search Engine Rights Management System (Updated)

    Postscript: I've just received this briefing paper that explains more. Several mostly print publisher groups say they are to test a new "Automated Content Access Protocol" that they feel will head off conflicts with search engines.

  2. Daily SearchCast, August 23, 2006: Is Google Bad For Other Businesses? Will Brazil Close Google's Offices There? Isn't Yahoo Coupon Finder Cool? And More!

    Postscript From Today's search podcast covers whether Google is too dominant over businesses? Will Brazil close Google's offices there in a data dispute? Is Yahoo's coupon finder the coolest thing? The answer to these questions and more in this...

  3. comScore Figures Show First Google Decline For Nearly A Year, But What To Believe?

    Postscript: I sent comScore some follow-up questions, and here's what I received back. Google's nearly year-long continued rises have came to a halt in July 2006, according to comScore. But how much can you trust any of the figures that ratings...