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  1. Daily SearchCast, June 2, 2006: NoFollow Changes Linking, Reputation Management, DOJ Wants Records, Microsoft's Planned Investment and much & More!

    Plus Microsoft's planned investment that totals $6.2 billion and much more! Jeremy notes the "psychology of. Microsoft's Investment In The Coming Year The investment Microsoft plans for the coming year includes $6.2 billion, $2 billion more than...

  2. The Search Engine Update, April 15, 2003, Number 147

    Also notes new estimate that the paid search market should generate $2.1 billion this year, rising to $7 billion by 2007, according to U.S. The latest frenzy got sparked by a report that Microsoft is upping its investment in search.

  3. The Search Engine Report February 3, 1998 - Number 15

    General Notes + Site Updates + A Bridge Page Too Far + Turning Users Into Members + Microsoft Planning New Start Page + Lycos Buys Tripod + Northern Light Expands Content, Attacked By Writers + Keeping Tabs On AltaVista + Excite Search Software...