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  1. Visual PR Secrets: Content Power Tips and Social Publishing Trends

    Software is not always the answer," notes Thomas. When it comes to data visuals Thomas notes, "brands 'get' that infographics are popular but they need to make graphics that are not so self serving. Statistic after statistic show that whether it's...

  2. Google April Fools' Pranks 2013: YouTube Closing, Google Nose, Gmail Blue & More!

    Wet Dog - Aggressive and foxy with notes of musk, wet towel Nail salon - Spa water and refreshing notes of acetone Cover it with so many palm trees people will think they’re on the Vegas strip," reads the blog post.

  3. PRWEb and PitchEngine: SEO Smart/SMO Sexy Newsmakers

    That’s the reason I used them for 7 years before they became a SEO client for TopRank," Odden notes. In a blog post from B2B Webbiquity’s Which PR Service is Better for SEO? Regardless of the distribution service being used, brands need to remember...

  4. Search Industry Call to Arms: SOPA, Keyword Not Provided and Lying SEOs

    He notes that many have enjoyed a party with lots of free money from Google and are crying now because the party is over. Fishkin foresees a mainstream backlash against Google’s increasingly aggressive ad placement on SERPs in his 8 Predictions for...