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Post Katrina

  1. A Closer Look At Microsoft's Instant Answers

    Reference related Instant Answers are provided by Microsoft Encarta: 'population of Nigeria’ (131,859,730), 'hypothalamus definition’Finance related Instant Answers are provided by MSN Money: ‘msft stock’ (28.44 as of October 17), ‘drbnx’And music...

  2. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 7, 2005: Google Turns 7, Issues On Google House Ads, Praise For Pay-Per-Call, The Chinese Search Landscape, Likely Legal OK On Google Libraries, New Tools To Find Missing

    Today's search podcast covers issues raised over Google running house ads for its own product and also letting employees advertise, a postive article about pay-per-call, a new report outlining how people search in China, a new look at the...

  3. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 6, 2005: Microsoft Temper Tantrums, Google Size Increase?, Getting Listed In Technorati's Blog Finder, Post-Katrina People Finding Effort & Images On Google Plus More

    Post-Katrina Images On Google Maps, Elsewhere, People Finding Project & Wiki Resources on ways to see the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina via Google Maps and many other resources, plus a project to help locate people and additional online resources.