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  1. Retail Paid Search Competition Heats Up with New Entrants

    Perhaps just as important is the need to build awareness and preference among those consumers so as to benefit from shopping consideration and loyalty. In fact, the top advertiser (with the most 2012 US AdWords ad impressions) changed in only two...

  2. Selling SEO During an Economic Downturn

    Creating preference with online buyers starts with search engine optimization (SEO). Ideally, BOTW or other local directory pages will also occupy a top page position, increasing exposure in the SERPs, as well as providing further brand strength.

  3. Get in on the Conversation about the Future of SEO

    Personalization and digital asset optimization will end 1999-style ranking reports, as search engine results will be based on blended results from end-user specifics, such as geographic location, time of day, previous searching history, and peer...

  4. The Search Engine Update, Nov. 18, 2002, Number 137

    I already have a GO TOAST user, so my preference will be for someone using an alternative tool We are now in a position to unleash our search expertise with a clear, singular focus to penetrate every layer of the search market for both consumers...