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  1. Dorothy Hodgkin Google Doodle Celebrates Biochemist

    Thatcher later had a portrait of Hodgkin's hung in Downing Street. A Google Doodle today celebrates the 104th birthday of British scientist Dorothy Hodgkin. The special logo features an X-ray crystallography of 3-D biomolecules, the method used by...

  2. Audrey Hepburn Google Doodle Celebrates Actress, Philanthropist

    It was easy to find inspiration for her portrait in Yousuf Karsh's photograph from 1956, used with permission from the estate of Yousuf Karsh. A Google Doodle today features legendary actress Audrey Hepburn, best known for classic movies such as...

  3. Top 8 Google Analytics Reports for Managing Organic SEO Campaigns

    Portrait of a Modern Marketer: Aligning Creativity and Analytics Successful digital marketing campaigns are now data-driven. The biggest problem isn't acquiring data. In fact, many people are suffering from paralysis of analysis and going nowhere.

  4. Rembrandt Self-Portrait Google Doodle Celebrates Great Dutch Painter

    Google selected one if his self-portraits, 1659's "Self-Portrait with Beret and Turned Up Collar", to be the painting featured in today's Google. Google is celebrating the 407th birthday of Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn with a new Google Doodle.

  5. B2B Content Strategy: How to Ensure Your Content Stars Align

    Conducting user research is no small task, but sketching a thorough portrait of potential partners is imperative to the success of your content strategy. There’s a myth that failed content can be blamed on brands only conveying what they want, and...

  6. Google Logo Honors Mobile Inventor Alexander Calder

    His father was a famous sculptor – as was his grandfather, who sculpted the William Penn statute that sits above Philadelphia's City Hall – and his mother was a professional portrait painter trained in France at the Sorbonne.

  7. Personalized e-Commerce Sites Can Increase Conversions by 70%

    This portrait type also doesn't take action without recommendations, case studies, or some other form of acceptance or recognition. In the same way that skilled communicators use both verbal and nonverbal cues to determine the best approach, new...