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  1. SearchDay: Awesome Ad Groups: Small is Good

    Directory names Aug 2, 2008 Hello When we build the URLs in our Portal we can write the specific keywords in the URI: *i.e.http://DOMAIN/insurance-products-life-insurance.html Or we can use directories to nest the information: *i.e.http://DOMAIN...

  2. SearchDay: Can Google Predict the Next President?

    State of Missouri Releases Collaborative Search Portal Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 26, 2008 The State of Missouri has launched a collaborative search portal, enabling citizens of the Show-Me state to explore millions of historical documents.

  3. ABCSearch Acquires Social Search Portal,

    The social search portal allows users to vote and comment on search queries culled from Google, Yahoo and MSN as well as social aggregators. The site also offers standard social features such as friends and groups, which enable further discovery.

  4. Highlights from the SEW Blog: August 7, 2006

    AOL Video To Launch New Video PortalI received a press release yesterday from AOL, announcing the soon to launch new AOL Video portal at, August 4th. Industry Groups, Search Engines To Develop Click Fraud GuidelinesGoogle, Yahoo...

  5. Daily SearchCast, June 27, 2006: School Upset Over Student Data In Google; Is GBuy GooglePal?; Microsoft adCenter Gets Promoted; New Travel Search Engines; The Matt Cutts Doll & More!

    In my broken French it roughly translates: "An incredible number of you have connected to Geoportail, portal of the territories and the citizens, since the. So Yahoo may scan email attachments, Yahoo Groups images and other places in the Yahoo...