SEO News


  1. Google Targets Spammy Queries, Bad Mobile Sites With New Ranking Updates

    Cutts specifically mentioned that the change would affect queries such as “payday loans” on and pornographic queries. Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts has announced that a new ranking update, one that targets spammy queries...

  2. Porn Comes to Google Glass, is Quickly Banned

    Adult App Store Mikandi released the first pornographic app for Google Glass on Monday and it was promptly banned just hours after launch. Mikandi released the app subtly titled 'Tits and Glass' on Monday morning, enabling users to create, upload...

  3. UK Reopens Google Street View Wi-Fi Investigation

    The ICO said it now believes information relating to IP addresses, telephone numbers, email messages, instant messages and their content, login credentials, and information relating to the use of online dating and pornographic sites were all...

  4. GoDaddy Superbowl Ads Under Attack From Morality in Media

    The videos which can be seen at GoDaddy are suggestive but not pornographic. It is Superbowl time again soon (go Jets) and in what seems to be the viral marketing method of GoDaddy, their ads are under attack again, this time before being screened.