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Popup Window

  1. MSN Joins the Desktop Search Fray

    Search results are displayed in a popup window as you type, progressively reducing the number of results as you type additional letters in your search terms—a neat feature. The toolbar has a lot of useful functions, such as a popup blocker, a form...

  2. Google Toolbar Adds Keyword Browsing to Internet Explorer

    The first time you use the system, a small popup window alerts you to the change. The feature is similar to, but not exactly like the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on the Google home page, which skips search results and loads the number one search...

  3. Today's Newspapers Around the World

    Click a thumbnail and a popup window opens with a 560 X 800 rendition of the page. Within this window there's another link that will open up a high resolution PDF version of the page. Two services offer reproductions of dozens of newspapers from...

  4. Avast, Ye Search Engine Pirates!

    Closing the popup with either the "ok" or "cancel" button redirects you to an online casino. This URL redirects to a site called "" and pops up a window exclaiming "Congratulations!