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Population Growth Rate

  1. The United States of Google: Mapping Google Usage by State

    Future research should expand on the model we have considered by including other variables which can affect Google usage rates, such as percent of population that is urban versus percent of population that is rural in each state," Chitika said in...

  2. CIVETS: New Global Marketing Opportunities in Emerging Economies

    Vietnam has almost 31 million Internet users, 34 percent of the country, while Columbia has 25 million users, representing almost 56 percent of the population. A Soaring Young Population According to Internet World Stats Indonesia has 55 million...

  3. Mobile Search Marketing for BRIC -- Country by Country

    Web access isn't evenly distributed across the Russian population, however. However, we're talking about a staggering population of 1.21 billion people, and eMarketer anticipates 853 million mobile subscribers in India by 2014.

  4. Global Search Marketing Numbers Are Shocking, Wake up America!

    Nigeria's 44 million users is more than South Korea, Mexico, or Canada -- and it's less than one-third of the population of Nigeria.x Internet Users in Asia That's roughly 73 percent of the world's population, so somewhere around double the number...

  5. Is Social Conversation The Future Of Polls And Surveys ? [Study]

    This alone has a major impact on opinion analyses as the demographics of the user population change; communication habits both differ and evolve; languages multiply as the sites' geographical spread increases.

  6. Google Adds World Bank Public Data to Search Results

    Population growth rate Internet users as percentage of population Population GDP growth rate Here's a screenshot for the results of searching "gdp growth rate zimbabwe" Fertility rate Mortality rate, under 5

  7. British Virgin Islands at a glance

    FactsCountry name: conventional short form: British Virgin Islands; abbreviation: BVIArea: 153 km2Dependency status: overseas territory of the UK; internal self-governingCapital: Road Town, TortolaMaritime claims: territorial sea: 3 nautical miles...

  8. Great Expectations

    Even if you include the entire Danish population of five million you will still get unstable results. Underlying is a parametric model, based on international population trends - the US and UK data Jarner refers to.

  9. A little protection

    As the population ages, people are less willing to risk capital. Ricketts is bullish about growth prospects for PPNs as industry acceptance increases for the whole structured products space. A lot of the growth in 2007 was driven by reverse...

  10. SES Latino -- Interview with Conference Chair Nacho Hernandez

    Census Bureau”, there are 44 million Hispanics that make up about 15 percent of the U.S.population, and this population is growing about 5 times faster than the rest of the U.S.population. It has become a priority for them; these population...