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  1. Back to School 2014 Trends: How Search Marketers Can Get Ready Now [Study]

    Tablets and computers represent the most popular back-to-school products, PM Digital reported, and far outweigh searches for other products like backpacks. When it comes to what people are searching for when prepping for school each year, the...

  2.'s Top Question of 2013: What is the Royal Baby’s Name? has also revealed the top news, celebrity, and political search terms and questions of 2013. Top News Search Terms and Questions Top Celebrity and Entertainment Search Terms and Questions Top Political Searches and Questions

  3. SEO in the Age of Apps: Diversifying Your Mobile SEO Strategy

    Thus the focus here is on well-optimized mobile web pages with an emphasis on local content and keeping an eye towards future optimization for longer queries and more slang and colloquial terms. All the SEO basics matter here in terms of getting...

  4. YouTube Now Gets More Than 1 Billion Unique Visitors Every Month

    For the first time, an entire generation has grown up watching content on their own terms. YouTube Searches Now Available on Google Trends In related news, Kevin Allocca announced on YouTube Trends that YouTube search has been added to Google Trends.

  5.’s Top Question of 2012: Will Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get Back Together? also revealed top news and political search terms and questions. Top News Search Terms s IPO were among the biggest news events of the year. Top Political Searches d expect, the multi-billion dollar presidential campaign that essentially...

  6. Ask's Top Question in 2011: Was Kim Kardashian's Wedding Fake?

    Top News Search Terms and Questions’s top questions lists reveal the most commonly searched terms and corresponding questions about celebrities, news, and politics. The top news list seems to demonstrate further our fascination with the...

  7. AOL Hottest Searches of 2011: Charlie Sheen, Casey Anthony & Harry Potter

    AOL has released their data on the most popular searches of 2011 on the Hot Searches website, with insight into search terms and topics from the UK, Canada, and the United States. Visit the AOL Hot Searches website to see the full lists of top...

  8. Top Bing Searches in 2011: Bieber, Kardashian & Royal Wedding

    The top news story searches of 2011 show which natural disasters, legal trials, and deaths captured the attention of the American masses: Bing has released a list of the top searches in 2011. Bing’s Top Searches of 2011 Video