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  1. Movie-Themed Halloween Costumes Lead Google Search Trends

    Google's top trending searches for Halloween costumes give us a good idea that movie-themed getups might be seen on most trick-or-treaters this holiday. Video-game Assassin's Creed and dog-spider costumes are the only non-movie-themed costumes to...

  2. Why Retailers Should Start Their Pay-Per-Click Christmas Campaigns Now

    For example, by entering the keyword search "Christmas gift" into the intelligence tool, data showing the busiest time for Christmas gifts searches is surprisingly between June and July, with the rise beginning as early as April in some cases.

  3. Forget Big Content – Small Content Is Critical to Search Success

    The search giant's replacement of its "engine," which we have all come to know as Hummingbird, is beginning to change the way it surfaces content, specifically for more detailed searches. One of the most popular posts of the year here on SEW...

  4. Back to School 2014 Trends: How Search Marketers Can Get Ready Now [Study]

    Tablets and computers represent the most popular back-to-school products, PM Digital reported, and far outweigh searches for other products like backpacks. The report cited that these searches consistently peak the first week in August.

  5. China Blocks Google Ahead of Tiananmen Square 25th Anniversary

    However, due to China's history of blocking searches to sensitive topics, it was unclear as to how this would affect citizens of China. In addition to censorship of material on Google, the Chinese government blocks popular websites such as Facebook...

  6. Google Reveals What New & Expectant Parents Search For

    When searching for maternity clothes, searches for "when to buy" and "where to buy" are most popular. Searches about baby development were 72 percent mobile in Q1 of this year (Google Data). In fact, more than half (56 percent) of searches related...

  7. 5 SEM Spying Strategies You Can Use Today to Generate More Profit

    If we change the keyword phrase slightly to "Search Marketing Consultant", there are still 5,400 searches per month (2,700 less) but a CPC of $13.99 (17 percent less). Entering a keyword, for example "iPhone cases", reveals that this keyword has...