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Popular Queries Searches Google Zeitgeist

  1. Google Tracking Hot Trends

    Google has been regularly tracking popular searches in the form of the Google Zeitgeist for some time, and added the Google Trends service last year, providing an unfiltered, uncategorized view of popular queries in relation to each other.

  2. Google, Yahoo Post 2004 Most Popular Search Terms

    Google Zeitgeist gives you: Top 10 most popular queries in 2004. Also offered are country-specific year-end wrap-ups, and a Flash-based interactive edition of the wrap-up, giving you a month-by-month look at some top queries, special Google logos...

  3. Overture Shifting To Default Broad Match

    Site Tracks Political Zeitgeist. This makes tapping into the "tail" of search queries, the relatively low-volume searches that happen, easier to target. The next most popular queries containing the word "shoes" in them come next, and you can see...