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  1. Industry confronts hard choices in CCP recovery debate

    Some critics insist CCPs should not be able to count non-funded contributions as part of their default waterfalls, saying the mechanics around the exercise of CCP assessment powers renders them inherently unreliable.

  2. Google Book Search Adds Magazines

    Today, they announced the new initiative, with new partnerships to digitize periodical archives including New York Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and Ebony. In the wake of news that Google has struck a deal with publishers for its book search, and...

  3. Google Engine Discussed At Popular Mechanics

    Google Search Guru Udi Manber answered 20 questions over at Popular Mechanics, and they were not discussing gas mileage or horse power. The questions covered the future of search and Google's role in the industry.

  4. Search Headlines from Around the Web

    Popular Mechanics Dec 30 2003 6:53PM GMT Search Headlines SearchDay is headlines-only for this short week, while we celebrate the season. Happy holidays, everyone! NOTE: Article links often change.

  5. Desperately Seeking Search Engine Marketing Standards

    From e-Brand Management, which produces the Search Mechanics optimization tool, two recent white papers try to help webmasters understand if they are engaging in search engines spam by examining their mindset, rather than specific actions.