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  1. 6 Crucial Link Building Strategies to Drive Quality Traffic

    Becoming a featured columnist or a guest blogger on popular industry blogs or websites and many more. Since the days of Web 1.0, there have been many tactics that have enjoyed 15 seconds of fame and have then had to bow out due to the whip cracked...

  2. Why Retailers Should Start Their Pay-Per-Click Christmas Campaigns Now

    Use Popular Keywords It might sound surprising, but customers start searching for gifts and products for Christmas as early as September. Hard to believe? Take a look at U.K.department store Selfridges, which last year opened the doors to its...

  3. DoubleClick Adds Optimization, Reporting Tools to Search Commerce Suite

    Adaptive Shopping campaigns, on the other hand, help ensure a brand's most popular SKUs get the right bid by creating product groups for each item earning high traffic, DoubleClick says. Google subsidiary DoubleClick has announced three additional...

  4. Panda Has a Smartphone – Here Are 7 Things You Can Do to Test It Now

    Luckily, some of the most popular spidering tools enable you to do this. They fire up Chrome or Firefox on their desktop computer and start looking around. That’s a smart thing to do, as deep Panda analysis is worth its weight in gold.

  5. Google, YouTube See Uptick in 2014 Back-to-School Search Traffic

    Advertisers must also always think about mobile and look to popular YouTube creators as potential spokespeople. As students and teachers across the country return to the three Rs, Google says back-to-school searches have grown 45 percent year-over...

  6. SEO Strategies for JavaScript-Heavy Single Page Applications or AJAX Sites

    Adding pushState is fairly straightforward and indeed many of the popular Single Page Application frameworks like the open-sourced framework Ember or Google's Angular framework provides APIs to easily access the functionality.

  7. Yelp Trends Reveals What's Hot or Not Locally, But Beware of Unreliable Data

    Yelp puts a lot of effort into helping users identify what's popular in their local areas. It is dropping a new tool to explore all of those ideas and fads it calls "Trends. For all of its ideas and accomplishments, Yelp is still a niche website.