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  1. Google Analytics Content Reports: Understanding the Key Benefits

    Alongside each URL in this report, before the data you will see a little gray square with an arrow; click this and a pop-up window showing the page live on your site will appear. This can be very helpful for working out which banners work, which...

  2. Google 'Let’s Go Caroling' Easter Egg Turns Your Smartphone Into a Holiday Karaoke Machine

    On your mobile browser, simply do a Google search for [let’s go caroling] and a menu will pop up allowing you to select from five different carols and turn your smartphone into an instant karaoke machine.

  3. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    This refers to the people that are following you, which means every time you create a tweet publicly it will pop up on their feed. Fail Whale is an error screen that will pop up for Twitter users when the social network is experiencing downtime...

  4. How to Increase Conversions for Your Best (and Worst) Performing Keywords in 6 Steps

    Once you have keyword rankings, you can pop that info to your spreadsheet along with your list of keywords, corresponding URLs, and conversion rates. So the next step is to click on "secondary dimension," and select Traffic Sources>Landing Page...

  5. Mobile Landing Page Optimization - 10 Best Practices for Success

    Regionalize “voice” to use local terms or slang (e.g.y'all, coke/soda/pop) POP QUIZ: How many "actions" are visible on the pictured Comcast landing page? An "action" constitutes any task the user could do on the page – a link, a like, a share, a...

  6. Ask's Top Question in 2011: Was Kim Kardashian's Wedding Fake?

    Breakout star of 2011, Nicki Minaj, leapfrogs pop icon Katy Perry in album sales McDonald's adds the McRib to its permanent menu We've already looked at the top searches on Bing and AOL in 2011.’s top questions lists reveal the most...

  7. Creating PPC Campaigns: the 'Live or Die' Settings

    You'll see a pop-up box that looks like the one below. Choose "No" from the dropdown menu and click on the Submit button. I resisted responding with "DUH! I'm planning on covering PPC advertising best practices from the ground up.