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  1. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    This refers to the people that are following you, which means every time you create a tweet publicly it will pop up on their feed. Fail Whale is an error screen that will pop up for Twitter users when the social network is experiencing downtime...

  2. Goodbye, Video Responses: YouTube Giveth and YouTube Taketh Away

    It shifts the balance of power away from Orkut, a social networking site that is owned and operated by Google; Blogger, a blog-publishing service which was bought by Google in 2003; and MySpace, a social networking service with a strong music...

  3. Valentine's Day 2012 Google Doodle Animates Tony Bennett's ‘Cold, Cold Heart’

    It is set to "Cold, Cold Heart,” written by the legendary Hank Williams and performed by iconic American pop/jazz/show tunes singer Tony Bennett. As the video concludes, images of couples pop up to demonstrate that anyone (and anything) can find...

  4. iPhone Tops Web and Mobile Searches on Yahoo in 2011

    Women in pop culture, some famous for their work and others for more nefarious reasons, dominated the list of most searches overall. For more Top 10 lists on the most popular searches in finance, music, movies, and even desserts, or lists from...

  5. 7 Mini-Games To Play and Socialize With Friends in Second Life

    Once it's in your hands and you're standing at the pool of water click the rod and a little pop-up will appear and you select cast. Usually there's a DJ or some form of music involved, which means dancing and likely a lot of chatting.

  6. 'We No Speak Americano ft. Cleary & Harding' Gets Over 2 Million Views

    The duo say they are "reinventing Irish dance, dancing to electro pop music, wearing more fashionable clothes. Did I mention that I've been in Ireland lately? Well, I know it's the beginning of a long work week, but check out the Irish hand dance...

  7. Where Search and Social Media Collide: Real-Time Search and Twitter

    Look at what can be counted on to pop and build around it. His marketing and editorial experience includes positions with Acronym Media, The NPD Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Google has thrown its hat in the ring with Buzz.