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  1. Is Diego Rivera Google Doodle a Nod to the 99%?

    Rivera is famous for courting both controversy and Frida Kahlo; and also for concealing his politics in displays of public art. Rivera's medium to convey his politics was public art. Today's Google Logo honors the 125th birthday of Mexican painter...

  2. Daily SearchCast, Feb. 7, 2006: BMW Banned By Google Over Spamming; Google Sitemaps Rolls Out Robots.txt Checker And Other Tools; Memeorandum's Awesome For Blog Scanning & More!

    Don Dodge Chats with Memeorandum Founder, Gabe Rivera The Ethics and Politics of Search Engines Today's search podcast covers BMW being banned by Google for spamming; cool new tools from Google Sitemaps; scanning the blogosphere with Memeorandum...