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  1. 10 Vital Steps to Building Social Influence

    The dust has settled from the re-election campaign of 2012, and it is now clear that a unique place in time enabled the right strategy powered by the right technology, implemented by the right talent to influence individuals to embrace a multi...

  2. Liberal Democrats' View: It Was Traditional Media That Did It

    So while it may be old media that has opened up the campaign, the legacy could yet be a large long-term boost to the reach of new media in politics. Even an enthusiast like myself, when it comes to using the Internet in politics, has to admit that...

  3. The Search Engine Report - August 5, 1997 Number 9

    Thanks for This Important Commitment' Wired News, July 17, 1997 He also pointed out some of the interesting things that can be done to measure the preponderance of English on the web.