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  1. Google Blames FCC for Street View Investigation Delays

    Google disagreed with the FCC’s ruling, noting that there were “two periods of silence — one gap of 83 days and another gap of 52 days — in which Google never heard from the agency,” Politico reported.

  2. Google Adds Republican Lobbyist

    Google earlier this month added Stewart Jeffries, House Judiciary Committee antitrust counsel for Republicans, and the company "hopes to add one more Republican to its federal relations staff," which is headed by Pablo Chavez, Politico reported.

  3. FCC Passes Net Neutrality Rules, Many Object

    Republican lawmakers have threatened to repeal the laws, Politico stated. The FCC passed its Net Neutrality regulations today and have already been met with protest and threats of legally challenging them have started, Mashable reported.

  4. Feds To Push More Online Copyright Crackdowns

    White House intellectual property czar Victoria Espinel told a conference Monday that there will be more domain seizures for online copyright infringement, Politico reported. We are going after the piraters and counterfeiters," Espinel said at a...

  5. Google Fast Flip Adds 55 Resources

    POLITICO In September, Google launched its visual based news platform, Fast Flip, into Labs. This week, they've added 55 new sources from two dozen publishers. Included newbies: Tribune Co.newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago...

  6. SearchDay: Five Traits of the Ideal Link Builder

    Smaller amounts also went to Facebook,, Gothamist, and Politico. Search Engine Watch Experts Columns JustilienGaspard Five Traits of the Ideal Link Builder» LINK LOVE: Link building strategies for SEO successIf you've decided to expand your...

  7. SEW Experts: Roadblocks Sidetrack Search

    To advance your search marketing strategy, you need to be less SEO and more politico with the head honcho. The larger the company, the bigger the roadblocks. In today's Big Biz column, "Roadblocks Sidetrack Search," Aaron Shear explains that...