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  1. A Podcasting Paradigm

    This could well be a podcasting paradigm: loyal listeners, a relevant sponsor, high engagement, plus a value add feature that enhances an already very immersive experience. Last time I learned a new language, there wasn't an Internet.

  2. Daily SearchCast, April 7, 2006: MSN & Yahoo Look To Drive Traffic With SEO; MSN Search Goes Down; New Yahoo Ad System In Testing; Eva Longoria Drops In On Google Earth & More!

    Podcasting Hits The Charts Today's search podcast covers MSN MSN Search takes a three hour vacation yesterday; Yahoo testing a new ad system where how much you pay doesn't guarantee a top ranking; a giant Eva

  3. Loomia Offers Podcast/Vidcast Search, Personalized Recommendation Service Now Available for Site Developers

    I will that a read of Loomia's FAQ not only offers info about the service but also offers a easy to read intro to podcasting and vidcasting (how it works, how to do it). A new post and positive comments from Greg Linden along with posts from...