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  1. Funny Flirting with Siri; The Apple of My iPhone

    Attentions rejected and hopes dashed, we still had to see if Siri passed the HAL test from the film, 2001, so I asked Matt to ask Siri to "open the pod bay doors". Apparently asking a robot to open the pod bay doors is, like, the oldest joke in the...

  2. The Google+ Controversy & Virtual Worlds – A Question Of Identity

    As much as I not only personally don't want recommendations (I can make my own friends, thanks) and the thought of the Lab recommending me to anyone (oh please no) sounds even worse, it is the mere fact that they bothered to ask at all that has me...

  3. SEW Experts: Let's Go Viral

    In today's Link Love column, "Let's Go Viral," Sage Lewis discusses viral marketing, which is related to linkbuilding as two peas in a pod. He explains that while viral Web marketing can be risky, the rewards are great.

  4. Searching for Podcast Porn

    Top 10 Search Terms at porn adult npr bbc open source sex comedy erotica pod porn music erotic and while you're on the topic of podcasts. is a large (several thousand) searchable directory of podcasts and on its home page...