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  • How to Create Good Infographics Quickly & Cheaply

    I had the option to save the graphic as a .png file or as raw data. I actually asked myself this question the other day, and my initial answer was, "Because I have absolutely no graphic design ability at all.

  • Need For Speed: Give Your Web Pages a Nitro Boost

    Now, it's important to be careful of using PNG 24, as it has transparency issues in IE 6 and 7 and has a more heavily weighted compression algorithm, which means a page of PNG 24 versus PNG 8 is going to be much heavier.

  • Google's New Local Business Ads

    File types: JPG, GIF, PNG File size: 20k maximum ClickZ has their write up here and over here. I am sure you have questions, such as how do I get my logo in the local results? Well here are three useful answers for you.