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  • Why Pixels Matter & 3 Things You Should Watch For

    Pixels, usually transparent 1x1 GIF or PNG images, make it possible for site owners and third-party vendors to keep tabs on what's actually happening on a website at the most granular level. Digital marketers are excited about big data, or, at...

  • How to Create Good Infographics Quickly & Cheaply

    I had the option to save the graphic as a .png file or as raw data. I actually asked myself this question the other day, and my initial answer was, "Because I have absolutely no graphic design ability at all.

  • Mobile Landing Page Optimization - 10 Best Practices for Success

    Flash, frames, PNG-24 images, and numerous plug-ins are not accessible for mobile. Landing pages can be used for PPC ads, mobile app downloads, promotional campaigns and more. Optimization tactics are intended to boost conversion, improve PPC...

  • Facebook Ad Images – Tips for Killer Creative

    Scale the .png of the logo down to fit in your Facebook ad image and layer it over the image, or have it line the top, bottom or side of the image. Facebook ad images serve two main purposes: to draw the eye of users and to reinforce or supplement...

  • How to Increase Your Local Business Facebook Reach in Minutes a Day

    Keep a blank 300 x 250 white JPEG or PNG with just your logo on your computer. Facebook is a marketing platform many believe, at first, to be “free. As they inevitably learn, nothing in life or business is free.

  • Google Encrypted Search: 9 Key Points B2B Marketers Need to Know

    This is one piece to a much larger marketing Two weeks removed from Google’s announcement making search secure , B2B marketers are still collecting their thoughts on where SEO strategy goes from here.

  • SEO Wars: Forget Black Hat, White Hat - What Color Is Your Lightsaber?

    Add this badge to your website or blog: a href="" target="_blank" title="SEO Wars: Sith Lord - Red Lightsaber Badge">by Angie Schottmuller Published

  • How Do You Spell Website Success? Correctly!

    Editing typos in flattened image files is a real pain so check before you save to JPEG, GIF, or PNG. A recent BBC News article highlighted bad spelling as a potential cause of lost online revenue. In other words, typos could hurt your conversion...

  • Need For Speed: Give Your Web Pages a Nitro Boost

    Now, it's important to be careful of using PNG 24, as it has transparency issues in IE 6 and 7 and has a more heavily weighted compression algorithm, which means a page of PNG 24 versus PNG 8 is going to be much heavier.

  • Google's New Local Business Ads

    File types: JPG, GIF, PNG The official overview page from Google can be found here. ClickZ has their write up here and over here. I am sure you have questions, such as how do I get my logo in the local results?