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  1. US bilateral margin rules: a hit parade of horrors

    Rules requiring margin to be exchanged on non-cleared swaps have been in the works for three years and are not set to take effect until the end of 2015, but in August the industry made a plea for more time – around 18 months' more time.

  2. Conflict of interest: banks call for unity on Eonia

    A senior rates trader at a major dealer makes a plea for the industry to tackle the issue in a grown-up fashion: "At some point we have to demonstrate the ability to sort out our own problems. Traders fear swap market will be split by 0% floor...

  3. The Dirty Lawsuit Could be First of its Kind in Reputation Management

    Jones retorts against arguments that defamation never occurred because of her guilty plea in 2012. Before her plea, she continually blamed York's ex-girlfriend for spreading lies about her. A new retrial of Sarah Jones vs.

  4. Time for Google to Extend Geographic Targeting in Webmaster Central?

    A plea was made for Google to reconsider its approach in Webmaster Central to allow settings for local ccTLDs. It seems high time to re-examine this whole approach. The issues of duplication and correctly targeting the right pages for Austria...

  5. Google's Brin Defends Book Settlement in New York Times Op-Ed

    He made an impassioned plea to preserve books online, so that further destruction can be avoided. Google co-founder Sergey Brin has taken to the editorial pages of the New York Times to pen a defense of his company's book settlement.

  6. SEO Quarterly Web Site Review: Villas of Distinction

    To me, here are the goals (I wasn't able to confirm goals with the person who submitted this, as they didn't include a phone number in their plea to have the Web site reviewed -- sorry! Today, I'll offer some practical SEO advice to one of our...