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Playstation Network

  1. Security and Responsibility on the Virtual Frontier

    As more people live more of their day to day lives amongst the online community, no matter what form it may take- your online banking system, your twitter account, your Playstation Network account, whatever- it's clear that there need to be...

  2. Let's Hope Game Developers Make Console Gaming REALLY Social

    Those who own a Playstation 3 will already know that they can now connect their Playstation Network, (PSN), account to their Facebook account. Although currently all you can post are your trophies that you've collected from games and your recent...

  3. Virtual Goods: Bazaar Worlds of Online Shopping

    The easiest one to point out is games purchases on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation Network. Not so long ago the idea of buying online was a scary prospect. Then as more and more things became available online and security got better we began to...

  4. Searching for Something to Watch

    Take gaming consoles: the PlayStation 3 already has a baked in Opera browser. This is greater than all network TV Web sites combined, according Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, who presented these figures at last week's NewTeeVee Live show in San Francisco.