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Play Guitar

  1. Bob Moog Rocks Google Homepage With Synthesizer Logo You Can Play

    In what just might be the coolest interactive Google Doodle ever featured, their logo is replaced with a synth you can actually play, record, and share right from the homepage, similar to last year’s amazingly popular playable Les Paul guitar logo.

  2. Les Paul Google Guitar Logo Lets You Play, Record & Share

    Google today is paying tribute to legendary musician and innovator Les Paul with an interactive logo that lets you play a virtual guitar, record it, and then share your composition. You can strum the virtual guitar using your mouse or use letters...

  3. Paid Inclusion Listings May Get Boosted At AltaVista

    Apparent Trusted Feed content from PriceGrabber and Walmart ranked in the top ten for "die fledermaus," "jazz guitar" and "biorhythms. The downside remains that as soon as you have 11 people in any paid inclusion program offering a bump, there's...