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  1. Kenshoo Scales Up With Experian Hitwise, Demandware/NetSuite Deals, New Kenshoo CCO Offering

    It looks like search engine marketing platform, Kenshoo is being very active lately, scaling up big time. Experian Hitwise Partnership for Kenshoo Search First, Kenshoo is broadening the database for its Kenshoo Search keyword bid management system...

  2. Kenshoo Branches Out with New Local Search Management Platform

    Kenshoo is known for their enterprise search marketing technology, but the company is hoping to make its mark in an emerging niche: local search. Earlier this year, Kenshoo raised money from venture capital firms to develop their new local search...

  3. Kenshoo Integrates Negative Keyword Management

    SEM Platform Provider Kenshoo Opens U.S. Kenshoo has integrated negative keyword management into its search marketing management tool, KENSHOO SEARCH. Our commitment to Quality Management focuses our efforts on developing features which increase...

  4. SES Awards Finalists Announced

    Kenshoo Search - SEM Platform (Kenshoo Ltd) Technology Platform Search Marketers Can't Live Without Best Search Engine Ad Platform Best Web Analytics Platform Best SEM Technology Platform for SMBs Best Multi-National Search Marketing Campaign