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  1. Doodle 4 Google 2013 Winner's Best Day: When Her Dad Came Home From War

    By Raegan Gonsalves, Grade 1, Chandler, Arizona: "My best day ever is to be around the pretty animals and plants in nature, because I love to know about what is around me. I love to read books on nature and how plants and animals grow.

  2. The Bra Tree – A New Way Of Thinking About Evergreen Content

    A few hours south of Las Vegas, Christmas Tree Pass winds through rocky cliffs and fields of scrub brush, Yucca plants and wizened pinion pines and juniper trees. At the crest of the pass, there’s a cluster of evergreen bushes decorated by women’s...

  3. The 'Hoarding' Template: A Perfect Model for Your AdWords Campaign

    The landscaper comes over and shows Cheryl and Joe how to bio-remediate the soil using Japanese Knotweed and Salt Cedar plants. I admit, I wouldn’t have predicted its popularity. But of course, the show isn’t really about clutter.

  4. New Solar Investment Brings Google's Clean Energy Portfolio to Nearly $1B

    The solar farms being built house large-scale solar PV power plants, which Google's announcement of the investment describes as being able to "generate energy for the grid—instead of on individual rooftop" Google elaborates that "These projects...

  5. YouTube Wants to Put You in Space

    Can plants survive beyond Earth? YouTube is starting a competition for students to suggest an experiment to be done in outer space and prizes include space training. As part of their newly launched Space Lab channel, YouTube wants to inspire future...

  6. Twitter Popularity Higher Than Ever in 2011, Check Out These Stats & Cool Uses

    Watering plants. Whether it's simply a case of celebrating the fifth anniversary since the launch of Twttr this month, or increased pressure to compete with statistics from Google's latest social project, Google+, Twitter has been releasing more...

  7. Doodle 4 Google Ireland Winner Posted

    She put hearts, curls, shamrocks, people with fancy hats, people going on a bear hunt, men disguised as grass, plants, Grannies, and a caterpillar into her Doodle. Google Ireland is sporting the winning logo of the Google Ireland Doodle 4 Google...