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Place Value

  1. Google: Top Search Ads Increase Brand Awareness by 6.6% [Study]

    Traditionally, the value in search advertising has always been centered on increases in click-through rates and conversions. Use formats and images that place your ad in the top slot to help differentiate you from other results.

  2. Why You Need to Own Your Data & Digital Assets

    Some may appreciate the value of the data, but do not fully understand the role of ownership in controlling that data throughout the life of the business. Others simply don't appreciate the value of this data, and often don't understand that Google...

  3. 10 Video SEO Tips That Can Truly Impact Your Rankings

    A great way to leverage YouTube for all its awareness value, while contributing to your own video SEO, is to create shorter video previews for your content and use YouTube's annotations to place in-video CTA that drive viewers back to your site's...

  4. A Knowledge Gap Analysis Will Tell You What Web Analytics Can't

    Once you've bridged those gaps, you'll see even more value out of your Web analytics and A/B testing efforts. Designers often place too much emphasis on website analytics to determine what changes to make to improve a website's conversion rates.