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  1. Yellow Pages and Search

    The problem is stemming issues like "pizza" vs.pizzas" have long presented a challenge for directories and search engines alike. The conflicting point between desire and search lies in the interpretation of commands.

  2. Daily SearchCast, August 15, 2006: AOL Sets Off Search Privacy Crisis; Google Webmaster Central Offers Cool Tools & Support; Yahoo Expands Site Explorer; 1,000 Pizzas For Google & More!

    Google Webmaster Central; Yahoo's expanded Site Explorer tools; Google pushes back against click fraud estimates from third parties; 1,000 pizzas descend on Via InsideGoogle, Feeding Google - Better than Pirates of the Caribbean is a video over...

  3. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 6, 2005: Microsoft Temper Tantrums, Google Size Increase?, Getting Listed In Technorati's Blog Finder, Post-Katrina People Finding Effort & Images On Google Plus More

    Google's Pizza Ambassadors: Winning Computer Science Graduates One Slice At A Time on a long-time Google recruitment program that brings pizzas to computer science students at universities. Today's search podcast covers allegations that Microsoft...