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  1. Steve Jobs Email to Google: Stop Recruiting Apple Employees

    The lawsuit has been brought on by employees against seven companies including Apple, Google, Intel and Walt Disney's Pixar unit Lucasfilm. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs emailed Google to ask the firm to stop trying to recruit its staff, according to...

  2. Google Faces Plenty Of Competition In Online Video Rental & Sales Marketplace

    One episode costs $1.99.iTunes also has video content from Pixar (that makes sense) as well as music videos ($1.99) and movie trailers. Although Google Video has been grabbing the headlines the expected release of a Google Video download/rental...

  3. Film Industry Veteran Becomes Google's Newest Board Member

    Mather was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Pixar from 1999-2004. Prior to joining Pixar, Ms. So, in addition to getting a new member of its Board of Directors, Google has appointed someone with a "working knowledge" of the...

  4. Google & Yahoo Make List of Top Growth Brands; What the Public Envisions for These Companies

    Pixar (Brand Value up 24% over 4 years) Forbes and Vivaldi Partners have just published their list of the 20 brands that, "have the best extension opportunities according to consumer perceptions.eBay,, Google, and Yahoo all made the list.