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  1. Google Faces Plenty Of Competition In Online Video Rental & Sales Marketplace

    One episode costs $1.99.iTunes also has video content from Pixar (that makes sense) as well as music videos ($1.99) and movie trailers. Although Google Video has been grabbing the headlines the expected release of a Google Video download/rental...

  2. Film Industry Veteran Becomes Google's Newest Board Member

    Mather was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Pixar from 1999-2004. Prior to joining Pixar, Ms. So, in addition to getting a new member of its Board of Directors, Google has appointed someone with a "working knowledge" of the...

  3. Google & Yahoo Make List of Top Growth Brands; What the Public Envisions for These Companies

    Pixar (Brand Value up 24% over 4 years) Forbes and Vivaldi Partners have just published their list of the 20 brands that, "have the best extension opportunities according to consumer perceptions.eBay,, Google, and Yahoo all made the list.