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Pitch Openings

  1. Year Of Rabbit Proving Big Real Time Search Ad Play

    Job openings in China is a clever fit, and a restaurant coupon tie in that uses social and coupons goes the extra mile, but the lantern sale and skin lotion pitch was a real reach. There was a clever pitch for a Rabbit titled book, the sale of...

  2. SES San Jose Speaking Openings Posted

    The openings are listed about midway down this post of guidelines—please read the guidelines before sending a pitch. I've posted a list of sessions with openings at the SES San Jose 2007 conference. UPDATE: All speaking openings have been filled...

  3. SES London 2006 Speaking Openings Posted

    For some of these panels, only one or two positions is available, so if you're interested in speaking, please check out the openings and contact me as soon as possible with a pitch. I've posted the openings for speaking slots at SES London.

  4. Speaking At SES San Jose & SES Blog Coming

    Session Openings THESE ARE THE ONLY SESSIONS WITH OPENINGS. Yes, you can still pitch FOR THESE SESSION even though the How To Speak page says the deadline has passed. READ the How To Speak for further details on how to properly send a pitch.