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  1. Google Accused of Being Too Slow to Derank Pirate Websites

    Sites with high numbers of removal notices are now more likely to appear lower in our results, we've made it easier to report pirated material and now take down more than 7 million infringing links per month.

  2. Google: Sites With More DMCA Takedown Requests Will Rank Lower in Search Results

    Google has announced an update to its search ranking algorithm that will demote sites serving pirated content, in a move that should please copyright holders who have long called for this move. Google has often been asked to stop prominently...

  3. Mobile Search iPhone Dance-Off: Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo vs. Wolfram|Alpha

    First up is the news result, including a post about it being the top pirated TV show. Recently, PCWorld had a mobile search face off between the search apps on Android, so it’s only fitting that the iPhone follows behind with one too – taking a...

  4. Google Failing on Piracy, Claims RIAA, Hollywood Agent

    Meanwhile, one Hollywood agent doesn't understand why Google can keep child porn out of search results but not pirated movies, the Wall Street Journal reported. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is urging Google to make some...

  5. Google Not Responsible for Policing YouTube Content: French Court

    However, the French judgment takes the onus off video sharing sites like YouTube to prevent pirated content from being displayed in the first place. Google has no obligation to “police (YouTube) content before it is put online as long as it informs...

  6. Sony Wants Google To Give Info On Commenters, Viewers Of PS3 Hack Video

    The code enables the Playstation 3 to play pirated and homebrewed games," Wired noted. Sony has gone to court to have Google give them access to information of viewers and the people who have commented on a private YouTube video that shows how to...

  7. Feds To Push More Online Copyright Crackdowns

    CyberMonday saw Homeland Security seize about 80 websites selling counterfeit products and providing access to pirated movies. White House intellectual property czar Victoria Espinel told a conference Monday that there will be more domain seizures...

  8. Single Security Software License Used 774,651 times!

    The company said it was sold as part of an order from Arizona and when they discovered the pirated use wanted to see how many times it would be used. A single license for Avast security software has been used by 774,651 people after it went viral...

  9. Did Senator Wyden Save The Internet?

    Part of the bill's success was due to its support by entertainment industries, which were losing revenue due to pirated material that was leaked onto the Internet and hoping S.3804 would help alleviate the problem," the Tech noted.

  10. YouTube vs. Viacom: "Rogue Enabler of Content Theft" vs. "Secretly Uploaded" Videos

    Viacom said Google executives had referred to YouTube as a "rogue enabler of content theft," whose "business model is completely sustained by pirated content" in internal communications before going ahead with the 2006 purchase of the video site.

  11. GenieKnows Its Verticals

    Anyone seeking pirated copies of games should look elsewhere. One of the few remaining independent engines of note, GenieKnows adopted what was considered a radical and rather dangerous plan about eighteen months ago.