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  1. New MPAA Report Blames Google, Search Engines for Piracy

    The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has completed a study of online piracy and traced a lot of it to Google services. The MPAA claimed that many of the incidents of piracy it has seen could be pinned on search engines and suggested...

  2. Google, Top Ad Networks Team With White House to Fight Piracy, Counterfeiting

    Google, arguably the most important internet ad broker, said the "Best Practices for Ad Networks to Address Piracy and Counterfeiting" would "maintain and post policies prohibiting websites that are principally dedicated to selling counterfeit...

  3. Google Spent $14.3 Million on U.S. Lobbying in 2012

    Google spent some of its lobbying funds this year on the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA). Google spent more on U.S.lobbying efforts than any other technology firm in America, according to statistics from the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP).

  4. Google Accused of Being Too Slow to Derank Pirate Websites

    Google has been accused of not deranking so-called "piracy" websites as it promised to do. Google had said that it would not return "piracy" websites in its search results as an attempt to see off alleged assaults on the media cartels' most-holy...

  5. Google Play, YouTube & Others Getting 600+ 20th Century Fox Movies, TV Shows

    This March, Murdoch again took to Twitter to defend NewsCorp amidst allegations they used piracy to sabotage competitors. Still, the program marks a shift in corporate mentality that should be very welcome to users, who have asked for easier ways...

  6. Google Sued by Germany’s Former First Lady for Prostitution-Related Search Suggestions

    In piracy cases, companies are offered protection by Google by way of making infringing content less accessible. We will prevent terms that are closely associated with piracy from appearing in Autocomplete.

  7. Google, Facebook & Amazon Quietly Forming Tech Lobbying Group?

    Google and other Internet companies oppose and stop the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Technology giants – and often competitors – Google, Facebook, Amazon, and eBay are expected to join forces to form a lobbying group known as the Internet...

  8. Google Failing on Piracy, Claims RIAA, Hollywood Agent

    Google is routinely directing people to unlawful sources of content," said RIAA's executive vice president of anti-piracy Brad Buckles. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is urging Google to make some changes to their copyright...

  9. YouTube-Viacom Copyright Lawsuit Resurrected by Appeals Court Ruling

    It was thought that YouTube won its case against Viacom in 2010, when courts ruled that YouTube's efforts to stop piracy were in compliance with the safe harbor provisions. The U.S. Court of Appeals has resurrected Viacom's $1 billion copyright...

  10. RIAA President: Google ‘Misused Its Power’ by Protesting SOPA

    It seems RIAA President Cary Sherman is still steamed that Google was able to derail the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) by encouraging more than 7 million people to sign petitions opposing the legislation.

  11. SOPA, PIPA On Hold, But a New Threat on Horizon

    In his press release, Chairman Smith again tried to hammer home the monstrous piracy issue and the devastation it causes: Though this type of backlash is a politician’s worst nightmare in an election year, vested parties are none too pleased the...

  12. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    Whether it’s called SOPA, PIPA, OPEN Act, or some other acronym, the U.S.government, driven by pressure largely out of Hollywood, is determined to put piracy safeguards in place. So why is new anti-piracy legislation necessary?