SEO News


  1. Bing Unveils Responsive Design for Image Search

    One of Bing’s more recent upgrades included the addition of Pinterest board searches. Bing has provided the tools necessary to filer results, create an image match, and create one-click access to Pinterest.

  2. The Art of 6 Simple Questions

    Asking questions of your community also works on Facebook, G+, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Content and conversations are everywhere. They are the linchpin of our digital marketing lives. Be that as it may, how often do you run into a road...

  3. Sneak Peek at Google Stars: If Pinterest Met Google Drive

    Instead of storing bookmarks in a long list somewhat hidden in your browser’s navigation menu, Google is bringing a Pinterest-like visual experience to users, compete with Google’s signature search functionality and YouTube-style sharing options.

  4. Is SEO Dead? NOOOOOOO!

    Now, let's add to that knowledge base SEOs also must keep up with and understanding the changes in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogging, press releases, what Google will view as a natural link, and more.

  5. 3 Ways to Extend Your Products Into Social This Holiday

    Most retail marketers, however, won't list social shopping sites like Pinterest and Polyvore. In fact, Pinterest alone drives nearly 6 percent of social referral traffic, according to Shareaholic. Many social sites already do accept retail product...

  6. Link Building for Gaming Companies

    If you're using Pinterest and Instagram both, hopefully you can find a way to keep each stream unique. Battlefield's Pinterest account has a lot of cool boards, including one that lists locations that inspired BF3, real-world military action, the...

  7. With Guided Search, Is Pinterest the "Next" Search Engine?

    Is Pinterest vying for a spot as the "next" search engine? This week, it revealed that it would be rolling out guided search on, just like it did for its mobile app back in April. Guided search is a way to actively discover content on...

  8. Do-It-Yourself Promoted Pins Premiere on Pinterest

    Pinterest has announced the ability for business accounts to better track their pin performance and promote the best pins to a targeted audience on a per-click basis to a business's website. We'll be in touch when we're ready for you to get started...