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  1. Search Marketing & the Fine Art of Nexting

    The Youtube video of a Time Square street fight recorded on a phone camera surprised me, but the truncated title (“Fiance Drops 3 Disrespectful Fools Who Assaulte…”) got me curious enough to start watching.

  2. SearchDay | Online Videos as Learning and Marketing Tools

    Everyone in the world with a video camera -- or just a Web cam and microphone -- can be part of the nebulous social monster that is YouTube. A site with no text Sep 10, 2008 Hi guys, I was thinking about how you would optimise a site that had no...

  3. Searching Via Your Camera Phone

    Search technology comes to the camera phone from looks at new developments in letting people take pictures with camera phones as a way to do visual searching. Take a picture of a billboard, and you'll get a film trailer sent back to you...