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Physical Addresses

  1. Local Online Business Listing Hijacking: Protecting Your Identity

    Some of these hijackers claim other local business’ organic listings that haven’t been claimed and authorized by a representative of the business itself, because they don't have physical locations, but could benefit from having one due to the...

  2. EU Tells Google and Facebook, Comply with Data Privacy Rules.. Or Else!

    Reding believes this should apply to sites irregardless of where the servers physical location is, if the site has European users, then it would have to abide by EU privacy rules, in her opinion. Peter Fleischer, Google Privacy Counsel, addresses...

  3. Incorporating Geo-Targeting into Your Link Building

    If a physical address on your site is influential, imagine the geographical relevance that you can get by acquiring links on other websites with similar addresses? Having a physical address, large city names, and state locations on-page remains...

  4. How Will Local Search Affect Big Brands?

    What is the physical address listed on your site? It may be possible through the use of subdomains with separate addresses to be listed in different cities, but this is a difficult and tedious process.