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  1. Q&A with Jamie Welsh of 10% Solution

    Q: Philanthropy and local action are core beliefs that drive and sustain 10% Solution's goals and actions. Jamie Welsh, the founder and CEO of 10% Solution, will be speaking at the session on "Non-Profits each company needs to research and partner...

  2. Reveals Five Focus Areas

    Google's founders have made a commitment to devote approximately 1 percent of the company's equity plus 1 percent of annual profits to philanthropy, as well as employee time. Google's philanthropic arm,, today announced the five core...

  3. Lotus Alumni Are Impacting Search

    Lotus also created a philanthropy program and provided funding for Eyes on the Prize, the award-winning television series on America's Civil Rights Movement. Over the weekend, I set out to find an extended metaphor to describe the impact of former...

  4. Google Gives Google Foundation Update, Though Official Site Remains Mum

    Google Starts Up Philanthropy Campaign from the Washington Post covers how another $900 million in stock is being set aside for the foundation and how using the foundation to give will allow Google greater flexibility on what it wants to fund.