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  1. Dissecting Moz's 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors

    You don't get a PhD in applied math just by showing up for a lot of lectures. Imagine playing a team sport, where your team could be penalized at any time, but you and your teammates have only a rudimentary idea of what may or may not trigger a...

  2. Rosalind Franklin and Photo 51 Honored in Google Doodle

    Her work with coal was the basis for her thesis, earning her a PhD from Cambridge University. On what would have been her 93rd birthday, today's Google Doodle honors Rosalind Franklin. Franklin took an X-ray diffraction image of the DNA molecule in...

  3. Public relations industry should go to Search Engine Strategies

    The morning keynote speaker is Jim Sterne, Chairman, Web Analytics Assn Paul Madden, Owner, Crea8 New Media; Pierre Far, PhD, SEO and Web Analytics Specialist,; and Tracy Falke, Social Media Specialist, Freestyle Interactive.

  4. Live Certification Gauntlet at SES San Jose 2009

    This session is open to all attendees and runs like a wild fusion between American Idol, a PhD dissertation defense, and a lightning-round news round-table show. No one will be beaten to death. At least, I don't think there will be any physical...

  5. Go to Search Marketing Salon SF Launch Party

    He's an SEO consultant and PhD in Computer Engineering Technology. If you're anywhere near the Bay Area, Silicon Valley or Alcatraz, mark this event on your search marketing calendar: Search Marketing Salon.

  6. Desperately Seeking Stats to Prove the Value of Branded Keywords

    Alan Rimm-Kaufman, a new author over at Search Engine Land and a guy with a PhD in operations research and stats at MIT (this guy's stats should beat all of the other stats) said in a recent column that sales from brand phrases are NOT incremental.

  7. Daily SearchCast, June 14, 2006: MySpace To Auction Search Traffic; Google Picasa Gets Photo Sharing; NY State Says Shame On Google Video; Is That Google Earth In My Coffee Table? & More!

    Check out this video showing how PhD candidate Edward Tse of the Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs at the Google's Picasa getting web albums; New York State raps Google over its video content and children; Google not obeying the noindex stop sign?