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  1. Crowdsourcing Gone Wrong: How Brands Can Avoid Messy Marketing Mistakes

    There are lots of people that have a beef with McDonalds, from PETA to anti-obesity campaigners. By involving their audience to make them feel like their input is listened to, a brand can build advocates and perhaps come up with ideas they wouldn't...

  2. Leveraging Facebook Ads for Obscure Charity Donations

    A user deeply committed to the charity Animal Allies will be more likely to also support PETA but may not be as compelled to donate to Habitat for Humanity. Facebook has been taking strides to make targeting a breeze, almost a no-brainer, when...

  3. Year Of Rabbit Proving Big Real Time Search Ad Play

    One of my favorites was from PETA using it to tell us how rabbits scream when slaughtered and horoscope sites promoting themselves is obvious - the new year must be a great time to sell services. Amid the warm wishes for the Chinese New Year, there...

  4. Meet Mr.

    A PETA staffer has legally changed his name to (yes, of course there's a corresponding Web site). The former Chris Garnett decided to "make a statement" against KFC every time he meets someone new or signs his name.