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Pet Food

  1. Aligning SEO Strategy & Social Media Activity to Build Links

    For example, let's consider a fictitious pet store that releases a new coupon code for dog food. However, this pet store would be better served putting the coupon code on their existing dog food page and posting that URL to those sites.

  2. How to Use QR Codes for Better Conversion Rates

    Product examples: clothing, projector light bulbs, toner cartridges, car parts, vacuum bags, specialty pet food, etc. Business goal: Capture customer feedback Conversion challenge: Increase # of completed surveys Industry: Retail, hospitality, food...

  3. 4 Quick Ways to Audit Your Paid Search Account

    Put another way, you’ll get much further writing specific ads that target “cat food”, “dog food”, and “pet food” keywords individually than as a group. Like a physical for your account, good auditing helps to catch bad habits and some warning signs...

  4. Tis the Season to be Shopping: How Virtual Goods Are Impacting Holiday Shopping Culture

    In fact, they were often nothing more than a few pixels with some eyes stuck on, but it was the fact that they created an interactive connection between the virtual pet and the owner that made the whole thing go.

  5. 80% Buy from a Store Whose Site They Previously Visited

    Nielsen used "pet food" as another category to examine the online/offline connection. I personally think this was a bad topic for that purpose due to last year's pet food crisis. Here's the percentages of pet food survey participants who would use...