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  1. Loomia Offers Podcast/Vidcast Search, Personalized Recommendation Service Now Available for Site Developers

    Linden, who is the CEO of Findory and someone who knows a thing or two about personalization and recommendation services writes: A new post and positive comments from Greg Linden along with posts from SiliconBeat and an older post and company...

  2. New Microsoft Patent Apps Discusses the Building of Personalized Portals

    Postscript: Someone who I'm always learning about personalization from, Findory CEO, Greg Linden, has recently posted a list with some of his favorite research papers on the topic. About two weeks ago, Microsoft, had an interesting patent...

  3. Findory Adds Favorites

    Greg's post goes on to explain his views on customization (most feed readers) vs.personalization (Findory). Findory CEO Greg Linden has posted on his blog that Findory has added another new feature called 'Favorites'.