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  1. 4 Amazing Things You Simply Must Know About Sensational Headlines

    Recently, a well-known industry personality wrote an article with a strong headline on which the article did not deliver. Although the research showed a preference for number headlines, you don't want to overwhelm your readers with listicles (or...

  2. 22 Facebook PR Secrets Every Community Manager Should Know

    Weintraub and Litwinka’s spin on Facebook content calls for 50/30/20 rule.percent news: Include a custom blend of third party, non-competitive content from sites such as and industry percent personality: Highlight a sparkle...

  3. 8 Elements to Test in User Reviews

    Here’s a great example of how you can add more personality (and less identity) to a review. Note that you’ll need some sort of filtering or moderating mechanism in place so you don’t end up with ChatRoulette type of content.

  4. Business Listings: What’s the Crowd Appeal?

    The personality of that business has changed drastically, and later down the road its descriptive details, but the true online NAP identity remains the same. Crowdsourcing business content can be very powerful and meaningful for businesses if...