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  1. Robert Noyce, Microchip Co-Creator, Celebrated by Google Doodle

    Today’s Google Doodle honors Robert Noyce, the man who invented the microchip, which is a critical element for modern electronic devices including personal computers, smartphones, video games, microwaves, and even our cars.

  2. Bing's New Back-end: Cosmos and Tigers and Scope, Oh My

    It stores hundreds of petabytes of data on tens of thousands of computers,”Helland said. We are chartered with complicated problems such as finding, crawling, processing and serving any interesting and emerging web page in a matter of seconds; It...

  3. Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs

    By making computers personal and putting the internet in our pockets, he made the information revolution not only accessible, but intuitive and fun. He not only gave me a lot of personal advice and encouragement, he showed all of us how innovation...

  4. Facebook Fixes Cookie Issues as Lawmakers Urge FTC Privacy Probe

    Facebook reports that the remaining cookies exclude personal identifiers and are completely benign in nature; they serve functions such as generating timestamps, contributing to Facebook's page reporting, and helping to keep public computers secure.

  5. 5 Black Hat Attack Vulnerabilities & Defensive Strategies

    I know of one travel tour company here in Las Vegas years ago that had that very thing happen, came into work one day and all their servers and computers were gone. An attacker can put their Social Security number on your site with a number of...