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  1. Navigating Secure Search: From Keywords to Content [BrightEdge Share 14]

    They are now looking to persona development to better understand the audience, he said. Ever since Google unleashed 100 percent secure search, SEOs have scrambled to fill gaps in measurement. In this session at BrightEdge’s Share 14 event, brands...

  2. What Marketing Executives Say About Content Targeting

    Anecdotally, it has been our observation that although many organizations have made enormous strides in content sophistication many organizations still have some major evolving to do to escape a "content frenzy" — a state of furiously creating...

  3. Combining Social & Content to Earn Visibility & Earn $$$

    Barone then talked about how to use a persona worksheet to represent your audience groupings, with the idea being that you then tie those personas into the buying cycle stages to determine which type of content needs to be developed for each persona.

  4. Authority vs. Popularity: Matt Cutts Teases New Google Search Result Shake-Up

    Whenever you can make your site or your persona be an authority in your particular market area, not only can you benefit in the search rankings, but you can also benefit simply from other members within your market area perceiving you as an...

  5. Task Analysis: The Key UX Design Step Everyone Skips

    Once you've completed some of the task analysis, walk through the task flow with your persona and current design to see where your design doesn't fit the user or the task. Some folks claim to do it, but what they do is not task analysis.

  6. 3 Steps to Create Buyer Personas & Buyer Journeys to Kick-Start Your Content Strategy

    Group those similarities, and that becomes your buyer persona. Take a look at your buyer persona and segment off your notes into where they fit in a typical marketing funnel. The first couple runs at this content strategy process will take longer...

  7. SEO, Demand Generation & Content Marketing: 5 Takeaways From Joe Pulizzi

    One sheet of paper, some picture representation, some bullet points of who that persona is. Instead, he emphasized the importance of filling out your persona profiles by really getting to know your customers before you take any action.

  8. 8 Tips for Building Your Internal Content Marketing Strategy

    Take that list of what you have and use those customer stories and persona to figure out what's missing. It's a heartbreaker and it's one we can all relate to. We all know what it feels like to kill ourselves for someone else, only to let our own...